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how OTSFF® / OTS® is responding to this global epidemic

In the face of the challenges posed by the current global COVID-19 epidemic, OTSFF® / OTS® is working to maintain reliable Logistics services for you and your customers.


We understand the vital role we play in the global supply chain, and we’re not going anywhere!

At OTSFF® / OTS®, we’ve been in the business of providing dependable logistics solutions to our customers for over 30 years, which makes us uniquely equipped to help our customers navigate through this new and unsettling time:

  • Our vision for the future includes you. OTSFF® / OTS® strives to make your needs our number one priority.

  • We have a GLOBAL network of facilities and equipment, which keeps us flexible and responsive in this rapidly evolving time.

  • We know how to help businesses when their logistics needs are compromised by situations outside their control.

  • We offer reliable Time Critical solutions to get you back on track!

Though COVID-19 has brought a lot of disruption and uncertainty to our everyday lives, we know one thing for sure: OTSFF® / OTS® will continue to support our clients to keep the world connected.

With new regulations and requirements put in place by the CDC, we remain vigilant in our efforts to keep our facilities clean and our employees healthy.

As always, we thank you for continuing to put your trust in OTSFF® / OTS®.

We know we’ll find our way through this together.

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