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Military Logistics LLC. - Ocean Transportation Services and Freight Forwarding is your complete Logistics partner.

We at OTSFF® / OTS® offer clients an array of versatile logistics services and solutions to fit your unique business requirements.


Concentrate on what keeps your company THRIVING. Join us in our journey of excellence for all of your transportation needs. From start to finish OTSFF® / OTS® handles every aspect of Logistics.


Flexible Logistics Services

Flexible. Comprehensive. Dedicated. Reliable.

The one word best describing OTSFF® / OTS® is EXPERIENCE. We back it up with satisfied customers around the world. As specialists in international transport, we offer an extensive choice of transportation solutions. This might be accomplished by one solution at a time or in a customized package. We’re flexible and at the same time comprehensive in our service offerings.

OTSFF® / OTS® is dedicated to supporting you through every step of the transportation process. Our extensive logistics solutions include: Freight Warehousing and Distribution, Air Transport, Ocean Container Freight, Freight Audit, and Freight Payment. No matter what the challenge, we’ll develop a transportation program that works well for you!
That’s experience!

For comprehensive logistics solutions that fit your unique business needs –OTSFF® / OTS® delivers.



                                       AIR TRANSPORTATION

                                      TRUCK TRANSPORTATION


                                      OCEAN CONTAINER FREIGHT

                                      CUSTOMS BROKERAGE AND FREIGHT AUDIT

                                      TRADE SHOWS AND EXHIBITIONS

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